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Online Weight Loss Program

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Online Weight Loss Program
Lose weight/look and feel great webinar series.  Affordable, effective, convenient personal coaching via the web.


Research shows that 86% of those who realize their fitness objectives do so with the assistance of a personal trainer or coach.
 If you’ve been discouraged after previous failed attempts to “get in shape” or if you’ve been beating yourself up for not starting or staying on a program, it’s time to consider another approach.

WORK WITH AN EXPERT in a program that is affordable, effective, and convenient.  If you’re serious about improving your health, why not give yourself the best shot at success? Getting healthy doesn’t require fancy equipment or membership at a gym. It doesn’t require a ton of time and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


What you need to do.


Enroll in my 12-week web-based program that will give you the information and support you need to lose weight and improve well-being. 
The program will address your personal needs and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Each of us is unique. Even though there are health and wellness fundamentals, our own history and genetic make-up makes the journey to fitness an individual process.

This program includes metabolic typing, so you can begin to eat the foods that your body needs in order to build a foundation for life-long health.

 Exercise programs need to be built to support our lives.  While most people want more energy and stamina, each of us has our own functional needs based on body type and lifestyle issues.

Do you pick up toddlers (and groceries) throughout the day? Or do you sit at a desk all week with most physical activity scheduled during the weekend?

Are you interested in a particular sport? Or do you want to garden without pain?

This program is based on sound fundamental principles with individual attention.  The objective is consistent improvement without burnout. My job will be to coach you through the process.

No fads.

No gimmicks. 

You get your money back if you’re not satisfied.


WATCH THE VIDEO: Michael Finn's Approach To Health, Fitness and Weight Loss.


The program includes:


12 one-hour webinar conference calls: These weekly webinars are for coaching purposes.

Each week we will cover new topics and review provided information. There will be time to answer live and emailed questions at the end of each webinar. The sessions will be recorded and posted on my website so you can watch and listen to them when it is convenient for you.  

Here is an overview of each week’s lessons:

LESSON ONE: Accomplish your goals

  • How to set and accomplish realistic goals
  • How to get the most out of this program
  • Evaluate your true stress level

LESSON TWO: We are what we eat

  • How to build health and fitness with the right food.

LESSON THREE: Metabolic typing

  • Use metabolic typing to find your genetic code

LESSON FOUR: Fine tune your metabolic type/food allergies

  • Lose weight and eliminate cravings by following your genetic code.
  • Find the foods you are allergic to that are keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • Improving health and energy with zone 1 exercises


  • Sleeping to lose weight
  • Active and passive rest
  • How to make the most out of the foods you eat
  • Improving health and energy with zone 2 exercises

LESSON SIX: Upper body flexibility

  • Upper body stretching exercises
  • Is your blood sugar stable throughout the day?
  • Improving health and energy with zone 3

LESSON SEVEN: Lower body Flexibility

  • Lower body stretching exercises
  • Improving health and energy with zone 4

LESSON EIGHT: Increasing your mitabilism

  • Boost your metabolism with proper exercise
  • Building a strong digestive system
  • Improving health and energy with zone 5
  • Building a strong immune system

LESSON NINE: Conditioning the Core muscles

  • Core Conditioning Exercises
  • Improving health and energy with zone 6

LESSON TEN: Eliminating toxins from the body

  • Digestive cleansing
  • Liver cleansing
  • Improving health and energy with zone 7

LESSON ELEVEN: Functional Exercise

  • Total body exercise programs for big energy burning
  • Reviewing nutritional notes

LESSON TWELVE: Putting it all together

  • Total body exercise programs for big energy burning part 2
  • Putting it all together

A three-month membership to my online training website:

You’ll be able to ask me questions via direct messaging.

You will have access to online questionnaires.

You will have your own online exercise program with:

  • Exercise descriptions
  • Video clips of each exercise
  • Weekly schedule – so you know when is the best time to do your exercises.

Two, monthly follow up calls for personal questions and motivational support:

Once a month we will talk privately. I’ll address any questions you may have and help you resolve any issues you may be having with the program.

12 lesson plans that coincide with the 12 webinars:

Each week you will receive an email with an attached file with the information we will be covering that week. You’ll also get references for more information on each topic.

You will receive specific exercises for:


Core conditioning

Functional strength

Paul Chek’s book “How To Eat Move and Be Healthy”:

Paul Chek is one of my mentors. Paul’s book is filled with lots of sound information; it will become a valuable resource during your journey to health and fitness.

A metabolic typing questionnaire:

This will help us determine the starting point to finding your genetic code.

Food Charts:

These charts are to help you fine tune your genetic code.


What is the cost?


A package that includes 12 coaching webinars, two private phone calls, e-mail access for questions and support, Paul Chek’s book “Eat Move and Be Healthy”, and three months membership to my online training site  could sell for more than $700.

When you sign up on or before January 1st your price is $149. The regular program fee, afterJanuary 1st, is $189
You can take advantage of this tremendous offer by registering online or calling us at 707-781-3466

You have nothing to lose but your own frustration with your current fitness.

Oh, and did I mention some weight too?

I GUARANTEE if you follow my three month program you will lose weight and have more energy or I will REFUND YOUR MONEY!

  One time charge of $149 on or before January 1st** purchase button

When does it start?


This webinar program starts on Tuesday, January 25th at 8 PM Pacific Time. There will be a new webinar every Monday at that same time for the next eleven weeks.  Ideally, you would participate “live” during each call.

However, if that time does not work for your schedule, you’ll be able to watch and listen to a recording of the session at your own convenience and still receive the benefits of health and fitness.


What you need to do to experience great success with this program?

  • You must want to improve your current level of fitness. You may want to lose weight, have more energy, or tone up muscles to work correctly again.
  • You will need to listen and learn from the weekly hour-long webinar sessions and set aside 10-15 minutes daily for the exercise programs.
  • You will need to implement the key 2 or 3 points from each week’s webinar. This will only require a few minutes each day.
  • You will need to ask questions when you are not clear about a topic.

What is Michael Finn's commitment to YOU?

  • I guarantee you will see results if you follow my program for 12 weeks or I will REFUND your money.
  • I will provide coaching with the latest information about fitness.
  • I will provide informational handouts and references to all topics that are covered in this program.
  • I will provide access to my online training website so you can be successful.
  • I will answer all of your questions relative to this program as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • I will inform you if I will be out of town for a few days so you do not think that I have forgotten about you.
  • I promise that I will care about you and what you want to accomplish as much as I care about my own health and fitness.

If you follow the program, what results can you expect?

  • You will lose 12 to 24 pounds of weight in the first twelve weeks.
  • You will lose 3 to 6 inches of circumference over your entire body.
  • You will enjoy an increase in energy that will last all day long.
  • You will experience balanced blood sugar levels to avoid feelings of hunger.
  • Your flexibility will improve, and you’ll move more efficiently.
  • You will develop core strength to stabilize your spine.
  • You will have more stamina to perform your daily activities without fatigue.
  • You will experience improvements in your sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to go.
  • You will see improvement in your skin quality and tone.
  • Your digestive and elimination processes will improve.
  • You will experience metal clarity and the ability to focus your thoughts quicker.

Here is what others have experienced from our programs?






Karen, age 59:

About eighteen months ago I was laid off from work. It was a tremendously jarring experience for me, never having NOT worked. With my 60th birthday just around the corner, it was time to really reevaluate many things in my life. Taking a hard look at myself I realized that I had gained a lot of weight; had difficulty sleeping; and experiences long bouts of deep depression. Over time these had become so "normal" for me I had not really noticed. Something just HAD to change. To get me out of the house my husband and son encouraged me to join their dragon boat paddling team. Not an athlete and never having played competitive sports, this was an activity I discovered I really enjoyed, but it was a difficult because of my weight. I realized I was only working on part of my problem. It was then I took Michael's ONLINE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, and I am a changed person. Working with Michael, I identified my metabolic type and gradually changed my eating habits. We set realistic targets for weight loss, and I am now on a health program that it achievable and measurable and fun. I feel better physically; I am sleeping better; I am less stressed; and I am happier than I have been in many years. Loving paddling as I do, I have now qualified for our team's most competitive boat, and am racing with the team. I would never have imagined this was possible. Thank you Coach Michael!

Kim, age 42:

I was frustrated with my weight and condition of my body when I found Michael Finn. I had neglected my body for years and I was paying the price.  Michael’s programs are easy to follow and he builds my confidence by showing me simple little tricks that keep me on track to reach my goals. I have lost over 30 pounds and I don’t even feel like I am trying to lose weight.  Every week the scale has a lower number on it.  Thank you so much Michael for caring about my health and me.

Jean, age 32:

I had put on weight while pregnant with my two kids.  I felt like my core muscles would never work right or look great again.  I was trying to lose weight on my own, but I was confused with all the conflicting information on the internet and in magazine articles.  Michael’s programs were easy to follow and were logical too.  He explains things in ways that are simple to understand.  I had been working so hard on my own with no results.  I followed Michael’s program and lost 5 pounds in the first 10 days.  I lost a total of 30 pounds in a little over three months and I have my core muscles back.  My husband tells me I look great every day and I am thinking about trying a triathlon.  Thank you Michael; I feel like I am 20 again.


What's Michael's own experience with this program?


I struggled with my own body weight and fitness level up until the age of 30.  Even when I was a track and field athlete, managing my weight was challenging and maintaining a high level of fitness was difficult.  I started developing this program when I turned 30 so I could be healthy and fit for the rest of my life.  By the time I was 33, I was at my ideal weight and had become very fit and strong.  I am now 40 and I am still at that same ideal weight and I have achieved a high level of fitness.  Michael FinnI have won five World Championships as both a player and the strength and conditioning coach for the West Coast Dawns Beep Baseball team while working fulltime in my own business as a Fitness and Wellness Coach.  Like most people, I do not have a lot of time to devote to my own personal health, but following the advice I give to people every day has enabled me to maintain a high level of health and well being.  You can learn more about my education and other accomplishments on the “About Us” page.


What's the NEXT step?


As we said in the beginning, if you are serious about improving your health, why not give yourself the best shot at success?   This is a twelve-week investment that will give you the foundation for maintaining your health for the rest of your life.  It is not complicated, and it is not expensive.  We invite you to get started now.

Thank you for reading this.  Please contact us if you have any questions.




  One time charge of $149 on or before January 1st** purchase button
**Cost of program after January 1st is $189.00


©2009 Finn Fitness & Wellness