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  Testimonials From Our Clients:


Karen, age 59

About eighteen months ago I was laid off from work. It was a tremendously jarring experience for me, never having NOT worked. With my 60th birthday just around the corner, it was time to really reevaluate many things in my life. Taking a hard look at myself I realized that I had gained a lot of weight; had difficulty sleeping; and experiences long bouts of deep depression. Over time these had become so "normal" for me I had not really noticed. Something just HAD to change. To get me out of the house my husband and son encouraged me to join their dragon boat paddling team. Not an athlete and never having played competitive sports, this was an activity I discovered I really enjoyed, but it was a difficult because of my weight. I realized I was only working on part of my problem. It was then I took Michael's ONLINE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, and I am a changed person. Working with Michael, I identified my metabolic type and gradually changed my eating habits. We set realistic targets for weight loss, and I am now on a health program that it achievable and measurable and fun. I feel better physically; I am sleeping better; I am less stressed; and I am happier than I have been in many years. Loving paddling as I do, I have now qualified for our team's most competitive boat, and am racing with the team. I would never have imagined this was possible. Thank you Coach Michael!


Mark, age 43

Shortly after my 40th birthday, I started putting on a great deal of weight. Just over a year later, I was diagnosed with hypertension and Type II diabetes.  My doctor quickly put me on medications that improved my medical condition, but made me feel tired, rundown and eventually led to some unfortunate, yet common, side effects.  Alternating medications did little to help my situation.  Diet and exercised helped a little, but not much.  Then I began working and listening to Michael Finn.  In short, he turned my world upside-down IN A GOOD WAY.  His understandings of the human body are remarkable.  For the FIRST TIME in my life, I actually saw physical and mental results when following his wellness routine.  I have had a plethora of training gurus come in and out of my life. Working out and staying fit had always been tedious and painful.  I became a nationally certified personal trainer in 2005, hoping it would add a world of insight into my health needs--but this, along with everything else, never resulted in a formadible solution. With Michael, that has all changed.  His techniques are uniquely perosnal and highly effective right from the get-go. No PAIN with a great deal of GAIN. 

I have lost over 50 pounds, I’m off ALL medications and I no longer have the food cravings that have plagued me all of my adult life.  For most of my life I have always felt ravenous when it comes to food.  In my own situation, Michael taught me that the foods I was putting into my body were causing me to literally “starve” and thus, I would never be able to lose those horrible cravings unless I was willing to eat differently.  It took me awhile to lose my stubbornness and REALLY give his program a hundred percent.  I finally did, and a whole new world opened up to me.  I may be 43, but I feel better than when I was in my 20s.  I sleep better, and have more energy than ever before.  The people in my life consistently comment how “full of life” I seem.  They say that my smile appears bigger and that I seem to be almost always happy and positive--and you know what--I am!

Michael gave me a new lease on life.  A rebirth, if you will.  There are no words in the English language that can reflect how grateful I am to his dedication to my wellbeing and to his personal mission to bring wellness, in all its forms, to the human race.


Linda, age 47

After being on Michael’s I want my body back now program for just three months, I lost 25 pounds, my hot flashes were gone, my back pain had vanished, I had so much more energy I wanted to exercise every day, and I was sleeping through the night. I have stuck with the program for a year now and at the age of 47 I am in better shape than I was in college playing sports. The program is easy to stick with and changes as my body improves. I just need to say thank you Michael for all your help and support.


Marie, age 40

A year ago I tore my MCL in my right knee while playing volleyball. I really thought my athletic days were over. A friend referred me to Michael Finn. Not only was he able to rehabilitate my knee but also he guided me down a rewarding path of fitness and healthy lifestyle changes. I am now in the BEST shape of my life at the age of 40!

Gwen age 42

I have always considered myself a healthy person but was ready to lose a few pounds, eliminate sweet cravings and eliminate PMS headaches and tension. Finn Fitness & Wellness was able to assess my health, recommend appropriate lab tests and best of all design a healthy lifestyle program for me. This program has been easy to implement and quite rewarding. I have lost weight and the after dinner sweet cravings. PMS headaches and tension are a thing of the past and the dry, itchy skin on my back has transformed into smooth, healthy skin. Now, I am truly living a HEALTHY LIFE and loving it! Finn Fitness & Wellness has been a gift of health to me.


Christine, age 65

Michael! I went with my husband and seven friends down to Berkeley tonight.  We had dinner in San Rafael and then went to a Rhythm and Blues Concert in Berkeley. The band really encouraged people to dance and enjoy themselves so I did.
So the reason I am writing to you is.... knowing that my thoracic vertebrae and chest are tight and somewhat immobile, and having the experience of stretching and exercising with you, I had a wonderful time dancing and stretching and opening up my whole upper body.  I danced barefoot without my ankle brace, and just had a great time. So thank you for all your good work, I am really happy.


Sarah, age 42

I was feeling lethargic with no enthusiasm about doing anything.  I felt a loss of ability to remember things that someone would claim to have told me already.  I was unable to listen when someone was talking to me. I had a lack of focus with a "fuzzy" feeling in my head.  My sex drive was GONE, and I had no interest in getting it back.  I was no longer craving ANY foods or tastes. My "zest" for life and adventure was nonexistent.  I spent all my energy on negative emotions, and anger was the most prominent emotion of all of them.

I called Michael Finn back in October and described all these feelings, or lack thereof.  We decided to have me start on a new food and supplement program specifically designed for my body type.  Within 2 weeks, I called Michael and asked if I was doing everything correctly, because I felt SO fantastic already!  He said, "Yes!"  Wait until 6 months have passed, and you will feel even better."  I have been on the program for about one-and-a-half months now, and my life is coming back to me.  The only way to describe it, is my energy is so positive that I am now going to the gym because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to, and I am looking into taking classes online and at the local college to further advance my career, even though I am a wife, house and yard keeper, have three kids and a full time job.  I am so excited about how good I feel.  I want everyone to feel this fantastic every day. Thank you Michael for all you are doing for my family and me.


Tom, age 35

Michael! I just got an email from my friend Jena, my friend that I referred to you a month ago. Look at all the nice things she had to say about you.

"For the first time, he makes me feel like I can succeed. He makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I feel like I am his only client when he is working with me. He is amazing...he could see problems I had in the past, or now, even before I told him. I don’t feel that he judges me. Some people look at my body and I feel they disapprove...but not Michael"

Thank you, Michael for taking care of my friends and me. I knew Jena would appreciate you like I do, once she got over the fear of dealing with her own health.

Jeff and Lisa, ages 35

Michael! I just wanted to let you know.  We “really” started working with what you gave us on Monday and we already feel a lot better!  Sunday we made our shopping list and went to the store.   Jeff is looking a lot less bloated already.   It’s amazing how simplifying things can make such a huge difference.   It is so wonderful how just eating the right foods for our genetic makeup gives us energy, allows us to sleep better and makes us feel so happy. Thank you Michael! We are already feeling better and look forward to the next steps we need to take.




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